Waxing services need to be repeated every 2-4 weeks for continuous results. You can not shave 2 weeks prior to any waxing service.

*Loyal wax clients receive special pricing when appointments are pre-booked and kept every 4 weeks.

( For a more cost effective and PERMANENT Hair removal, See our LASER SERVICES page)

Owner and Head Esthetician Laurel Blackmore with 12 years of Experience will ensure a comfortable service!

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Bare Brazilian                         

Woman $75

Man $90

Our Bare Brazilians are quick and effective, Hair is removed from ALL intimate areas FRONT & BACK. If it is your first time you may want to exfoliate the area the day before your appointment, For sensitive guests two asprin about 30 minutes before the service may take the edge off.

*Bikini Wax $35 and up

**Bikini waxing is ONLY the "Bikini Line" How much of the Bikini Line Determines Price.

body waxing                           

Arms $25-45 half/full

Under arm $25

Back & Chest $65 each

Legs $45-75 half/full

Feet/Hands $15

Body waxing will leave your skin smooth and touchable. Ditch the razor and let our Amazing staff give you skin that dreams are made of!

eyebrows & face                      

Eyebrow cleanup $15

Eyebrow shaping $20

Lip $10

Chin $15

Full face $45

ears $15

Eyebrows can give you a instant face lift when shaped by a pro, Filling in the eyebrow with the right tools & products will give you BROWS that WOW! And lets face it ladies, we all get that mustache and random chin hair.......You know the one that seems to grow an inch over night! Waxing will keep your face smoother and make up will glide on with ease! Or just go bare faced and show off the Beautiful Natural Skin you were born with! (minus the rogue chin hairs!)